Posted October 20th 2017 | Posted by dt_admin

Brand of the moment Stone Island

If ever there was a brand that epitomised the term “hot” it would be iconic Italian luxury sportswear brand Stone Island.
With a new generation of tech savvy, social media hungry fans, along with a new wave of celebrity endorsements and collaborations the brand with the famous compass badge on its sleeve is showing no signs of slowing down.
Founded by innovative garment engineer Massimo Osti, and subsequently taken on by Carlo Rivetti and Sportswear Company, Stone Island has created and built a loyal, die hard following of passionate enthusiasts and collectors that have an insatiable thirst for the next masterpiece.
The key to its continued success is its ability to recognise when it needs to reinvent itself and adapt to the ever changing markets.
Whilst not neglecting its older fan base, Rivetti has still managed to capture the imagination and hearts of the next generation whilst staying true to the heritage of the brand placing timeless and pioneering product at the forefront of its collections.